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"Hi Joel and Diane! It's Shannon and Martin. We had a blast sharing routes and climbing with you at Devil's Lake. We're always up for outdoor adventures so we'll be in touch."

~ Shanna La Penna

"We had an amazing time at Devil's Lake. Joel and Diane were wonderful guides and had such great technical advice for our climbs. This was my first outdoor climbing experience and I can't wait to go again. Thank you both for making the best birthday weekend possible."

~ Louis Edwards

"What an amazing weekend we had with you, Joel and Diane. You thought of EVERYTHING to make our weekend a great adventure. We loved the kayak trip and you were the best guides ever for us "first timers". Joel and Diane , you were the most gracious hosts at your lodge as well and made us feel like one of the family. Thanks for all the special touches, the delicious food, and most of all an adventure where we were safe during all the trips."

~ Tracy Signer

"Thanks for the amazing climbing adventures this weekend Joel and Diane! It was a great experience for the whole family."

~ Freda Lay

"We had a great time climbing this weekend wtih you guys, despite the scorching heat. Thanks again! Not bad for the first time on real rocks this season, but def need to get back up there soon."

~ Alyssa L. Ochs

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"Joel and Diane put on a great event for St. Charles Boy Scout Troop 80 this last weekend, we will be back!"

~ Gary Smith

"Thank you for the best vacation I've had in many years. Your accurate assessment of my skills and choice of appropriate climbing and sightseeing adventures, your generous and gracious hospitality, and your devotion to safety and quality instruction made this adventure one I'll remember for the rest of my life. Mark did a great job too. And that is why I’ll be recommending Vertical Adventure Guides to all my friends and neighbors…and to anyone I meet on the streets. Keep at it, Joel!"

~ Galen Leonhardy

My three sons and I went up to Devil's Lake to rock climb with Vertical Adventure Guides. Joel and Diane had them bombing up the climbs in no time. Great people, excellent instruction and good food. Highly recommended!

~ Keith Adams


"Highlight to our girls only weekend!"

~ Myla Martinez Lindstrom

"Christian says he is ready to climb again!"
David Moore

"VA Guides did a great job with our Madison College class! Thanks for the great trip...look forward to doing it again."

~ Jacob Tisue